Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Anyone Selling a Time-Turner?

There's a bit in a Chris Rock stand-up that sort of stuck with me, and I actually think of it quite often.  (Wow, did I really just write that?  Didn't I mention I gather advice from literally everywhere?)  In a very funny line of jokes about the difference between having a job and having a career, he describes a job as having too much time.  Too much time from when you have to clock in at the start of your shift until when you can finally clock out.  When you have a job, you're just watching the clock until you can punch out and head home.  But when you have a career, there isn't enough time in the day.  You could work for 24 hours straight and still need to get up early to put in more time.  That's how I know I'm building a career, not a job.

There just isn't enough time in the day to get it all done, but I'm chipping away at it.  My list has nine thick black lines crossed-off... only 35 more to go before the end of March.   

I'm staying up a little bit later than I should so I can at least get a couple words in to you.  I've been busy, but I want to tell you about the mailing I put together for the fifteen indie film casting directors I'm targeting now that I'm SAG.  I want to tell you about the hours I spent this weekend visiting dozens of little theaters, looking for the perfect space for my play.  I want to tell you about the SAG screening I attended and saw a casting director I've been going after, but I didn't say hi because I blanked and didn't trust that I had the right name in my head attached to that face.  Then, I want to tell you how angry I was after I double-checked and realized that I was right... but only to find that he'd left and I'd missed the opportunity.

I want to tell you about all of that, but right now, I have to get to bed since I have two casting workshops this week, an audition, more theater scouting for my play, and two rehearsals for a commercial showcase I'm in next week.  

Holy moly.  I wish I had Hermione Granger's time-turner necklace right now.  It would be incredible to have the Hollywood-hustling equivalent of taking Divinations and Potions at the same time.

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