Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Little Hooch

When I was a kid, age barely in the double digits, my family went on a gigantic road trip to visit distant relatives all across the country.  One of the stops along the way led us to a big water adventure park.  It had more water slides than an eleven year old girl could dream up, and a slow moving river that looped the entire park called the "Little Hooch."  Inevitably during the day, the adults in the group would vote to float down the Little Hooch a while for a break.  I liked it for about five minutes, then I desperately wanted to head to the big slides again.

Right now this town feels like one big Little Hooch.  (Wow.  I'm sure there's an inappropriate joke somewhere in that sentence.)  At the end of December, Hollywood is one lazy river with very little excitement or action.  I'm fresh off six months of snowballing momentum, the most I've had since I started this climb, but this drastic drop in auditions and activity has me feeling much like my eleven year old self on the Little Hooch when all the adults were telling us to just take a moment to relax... and all I wanted to do was head to the Geronimo slide.  

I know, some of you snooty actors out there may be sneering, "It only slows down for newbies, some of us working actors are as busy as ever, especially with commercials."  You just remember that you were once at my level too.  And while you're busy trying to make me and other newer talent out there feel bad and convince us of how big-time you are, we're going to snag that national spot out from under your upturned nose.

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  1. Just wanted to say I love your blog and its very motivational & inspiring! I'll be reading!