Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Technology is Changing This Business

This industry is evolving every day. I'm not even going in for roles in major studio films yet, and I'm astounded at the ways technology has changed what we do. My agent doesn't even need hard copies of my headshots anymore because submissions are almost entirely online. I can even do them from my phone while I’m waiting in line for a latte. Discs with your demo reel are basically obsolete as now everyone just wants a link sent to them to view it on the web.

At one casting facility, you actually get to go home and watch your auditions. Yeah, the official read you gave the casting director because it's been uploaded to the website. It's an incredible learning tool, and a great way to keep your agent/manager/acting coach in the loop on exactly how you’re doing out there.

The casting directors can also leave comments on your auditions. Not all of them do, but it's so awesome to get even a smidgen of feedback when you're used to mum being the word unless you've earned a callback or booked. Here are my most recent audition comments:

"So good you were called back!"

"You did good, you had fun with the material. You have a good look for this too. We'll see what the director says."

"Well done splitting attention between your bear suit friend and the parents/son at the table. You looked like you were having fun, and that's what the character was supposed to be." (This one is quite funny now, being read out of context...)

And here's the feedback I got for the film audition I had this past Sunday:

"Great smile, Great tone, Hit the character emotions well, took direction greatly."

No offer for a callback yet... but I imagine that this is a good sign.

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